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The perfect investment

Le Jules is an outstanding opportunity for those who want to invest in real estate. There are many reliable prospective tenants around, and the neighbourhood is booming.

Large employers in the immediate vicinity

Le Jules is located in a neighbourhood with many potential upscale employers: NATO, Ernst & Young, Toyota, PwC, HP, IBM, 3M, Eurocontrol, … For people who want to live close to their work, Le Jules is the ideal base.

Good variety of options

Most tenants are mainly interested in studios and one-bedroom apartments. But even outside those categories, Le Jules has plenty of choices available. Spacious apartments with a terrace are particularly sought after. The beautiful green outdoor spaces are also an undeniable plus.

Real estate with class

Le Jules is not just your average residential block: the apartment building has a mod- ern and stylish appearance. The materials and techniques used are particularly sus- tainable and energy-efficient. In other words, these are future-proof homes with low maintenance costs. They will certainly appeal to tenants who appreciate quality.

A neighbourhood with growth potential

Belgian apartment prices are definitely on the rise, although some are going up more than others. One decisive factor is the location. Le Jules is ideally located in that re- spect and there is even growth potential. For example, think of the nearby former NATO and Belgian army buildings that will be redeveloped in due course.

Close to everything

Le Jules is perfectly located for expats and young urban professionals who need to travel. The neighbourhood has good amenities: shops, supermarkets, schools and leisure facilities. The centre of Brussels is nearby, and there are plenty of access links — either by car or public transport — in the area. And equally important for interna- tional business people: the airport is just a few minutes away.